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Digital Mancave Podcast

Digital Mancave Podcast

Welcome to the new site of The Digital Mancave Podcast! We have been going strong since 2008 and we discuss Movies, TV, Video Games, Gizmos and Gadgets, Internet News, Comics, and Geek Talk. Follow us on Twitter @SavageTechman and @PalacePrincess . Savage Techman is the main host of the podcast. There are guest hosts that join him periodically. Contact @SavageTechman if you want to come on the podcast as a guest host.

Dec 10, 2011

Khoas63 returns to the podcast after a hiatus!  SavageTechman joins in on the fun as we have a totally wild and unscripted episode. You will laugh and be informed as we look forward to 2012 in all things the podcast discusses such as...

-Need For Speed The Run

-Clone Wars


-Windows 8

-XBox Live Update...and...

SavageTechman defeats Need For Speed The Run

Dec 8, 2011

SavageTechman DEFEATS NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN On XBOX 360! See more at



Hello Listeners!

Dec 5, 2011

Thank you to all our new listeners worldwide! Remember to check out our latest episodes here and on iTunes. Remeber to search iTunes store as "Digital MancavePodcast" and please subscribe to the podcast. Always free! We have a lot of fun and good times here and there, and so should you all!


Dec 3, 2011

SavageTechman brings you DMC Episode 85, our first full and new episode of the new website!

SavageTechman discusses...

  1. The Six Million Dollar Man Season 1 DVD.
  2. New video games reviewed such as MW3, Need For Speed The Run, Crysis 2.
  3. My new Toshiba laptop.
  4. The new website and iTunes feed.
  5. Upcoming podcast events.
  6. The...

Dec 1, 2011

Check out our new promo video!