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Digital Mancave Podcast

Digital Mancave Podcast

Welcome to the new site of The Digital Mancave Podcast! We have been going strong since 2008 and we discuss Movies, TV, Video Games, Gizmos and Gadgets, Internet News, Comics, and Geek Talk. Follow us on Twitter @SavageTechman and @PalacePrincess . Savage Techman is the main host of the podcast. There are guest hosts that join him periodically. Contact @SavageTechman if you want to come on the podcast as a guest host.

Apr 28, 2012

PalacePrincess rejoins SavageTechman for our BIG Summer Movie Preview episode!

We discuss....

Avengers,The Dark Knight Rises,The Amazing Spider-Man,Skyfall,Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,The Expendables 2, Dark Shadows,Prometheus, The Raven, Battleship, and many more.

We also talk about Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory,...

Apr 18, 2012

PalacePrincess becomes the first female to enter our Digital Mancave!!!

SavageTechman conducts this historic episode with PalacePrincess and we discuss many Mancave friendly topics such as...

Star Wars, Star Trek (movies and series), favorite disaster movies, Big Bang Theory, and so much more.

I promise you will...

Apr 9, 2012

SavageTechman returns with another lunchtime episode this time joined, in part, by DigitalCavemann!

Topics covered....

Star Wars Clone Wars, First Contact Day, Star Wars Kinect, Easter Holy Week, Avengers, top box office numbers, and much more random fun!

Hope you enjoy,

Apr 2, 2012

SavageTechman goes LIVE in a series of four lunch updates. Mashed together into a NEW episode you will enjoy!

Discussed are the following....

-Clone Wars Season 4 awesome finale!

-The Hunger Games, Wrath of The Titans, Avengers

-Plus a lot of great random stuff you might like!