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Digital Mancave Podcast

Digital Mancave Podcast

Welcome to the new site of The Digital Mancave Podcast! We have been going strong since 2008 and we discuss Movies, TV, Video Games, Gizmos and Gadgets, Internet News, Comics, and Geek Talk. Follow us on Twitter @SavageTechman and @PalacePrincess . Savage Techman is the main host of the podcast. There are guest hosts that join him periodically. Contact @SavageTechman if you want to come on the podcast as a guest host.

Oct 28, 2012

SavageTechman returns with a fun and informative pre Halloween episode! Discussed are the following....

-Iron Man 3 NEW trailer

-Box office numbers

-Skyfall opens big overseas!


-G4 cancels Attack of the Show and XPlay

-Need For Speed Most Wanted, Black Ops 2 multiplayer

-Windows 8 launch and Surface Tablet launch...

Oct 23, 2012

SavageTechman returns with a NEW episode which focuses on the history of our podcast and what it takes to create and publish this podcast. SavageTechman offers his expertise for those beginning their podcasts out there, and offers tips he has learned along the way that can assist and enrich your podcasting.

Please send...

Sep 1, 2012

SavageTechman is joined by Khoas63 for a very thought provoking and enjoyable episode!

Some of the things discussed....

-The Hobbit Trilogy, Die Hard 5, Avengers  theatrical re-release, The return of Jack Ryan, True Bood season 5 finale, SHIELD TV show, Walking Dead Season 3, Spider Man turns 50, Justic League movie...

Aug 25, 2012

It is finally here! DMC EPISODE 100 A NEW HOME!!!!

We have a mostly unscripted episode celebrating our 100th episode just weeks before our Sept. 8th, 2012 4 year anniversary of the podcast!!!

Listen up and send us your feedback!!!!


7-6-12 Update: Vacations and Episode 100

Jul 6, 2012

Hey there listeners! This is SavageTechman giving you a small update just to let you know what has been going on. First off we have all been on vacation through the 4th of July period. Secondly, our BIG DMC Episode 100 was recorded several weeks ago, but I had to edit the heck out of it. There still exists the very...