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Digital Mancave Podcast

Digital Mancave Podcast

Welcome to the new site of The Digital Mancave Podcast! We have been going strong since 2008 and we discuss Movies, TV, Video Games, Gizmos and Gadgets, Internet News, Comics, and Geek Talk. Follow us on Twitter @SavageTechman and @PalacePrincess . Savage Techman is the main host of the podcast. There are guest hosts that join him periodically. Contact @SavageTechman if you want to come on the podcast as a guest host.

Mar 5, 2013

  SavageTechman returns with a NEW episode of the Digital Mancave Podcast!  This was recorded in two sessions, live and remote, on 2-24-13 and 2-27-13. This episode was susposed to come out on the last day of February but some uncontrollable issues arose preventing it's release at that time. Anyway, this episode is mostly covering the Academy Awards. The ones who walked away with an Oscar, and some that maybe should have.

  I hope you enjoy this episode and it is good to be back. I thank everyone for sticking in there with us as we keep rolling into another great year of geek news, fun, and just cool things we like to talk about! We got so much coming your way, so check here consistently as we help you get your geek on!

  In between episodes please follow our Blog at where I will be posting updates and posting thoughts as they become available. Remember to follow my Twitter @SavageTechman and LIKE our Facebook page. Plus we have a You Tube channel.